Everytime updating iOS bluetooth turns on

I’ve updated iOS and it’s annoying that Bluetooth is automatically turned on every time. Apple should not override what the user has configured.

Apple and Bluetooth

Apple makes location a commodity, i.e., Find My and AirTag, and to ensure its accuracy, it’s better for them to have something that can identify your location turned on all the time. Apple uses Bluetooth to communicate with nearby iPhones. Even though GPS, mobile connection(cellular and data connections), and Wi-Fi are turned off, if Bluetooth is turned on, they can determine iPhone’s location by Apple’s network. That is why they want Bluetooth to be ON as much as possible.

Setting Bluetooth to off

Even if you set Bluetooth to OFF using the simplest method1, it can be turned off only temporarily and will be turned back on the next day. If you want to turn it off for the meantime, you have to go to the settings to do so2, even in this way, it will be automatically turned back on at the next update, which is very annoying.

When powered off

As a user, I would think that all Bluetooth functions should be turned off when the power is turned off, but not in this case when it comes to iPhone. In this industry, there are often misunderstandings between companies and users (or is it just me?).

By the way, Android, which is a different OS, allows NFC to be used even when the power is turned off, which I think is a bit convenient, but I remember that iOS does not allow NFC to be used when the power is turned off.

  1. turning Bluetooth off by swiping up from the home screen and pressing the Bluetooth symbol from the menu that appears. ↩︎

  2. You may use shortcut applications or automation applications. ↩︎