Online payment methods:V-Preca

In the previous article, “Payment methods in physical store”, we focused on physical stores, but this time we will consider online payment methods. For privacy reasons, virtual currency is a good choice, but it takes time and effort to obtain. In this article, I will focus on V-Preca Gift, which is more readily available. Unlike virtual currency, it cannot be used to pay restricted products because it is based on Visa payments.

Types of V-Preca

There are two types of V-Preca.

  • V-Preca (Normal?)
  • V-Preca Gift.

This article deals with V-Preca Gift, which does not require account registration (SMS authentication).


Official website:

  • Features: No account creation required, no dormant fees
  • Place of purchase: Lawson, Daily Yamazaki, Seicomart, NewDays, etc.
  • Payment Method: Cash at time of purchase
  • Purchase Unit:
    • 3000 yen (purchase cost: 3250 yen)
    • 5000 yen (purchase cost: 5290 yen)
  • Expiration date: 1 year after purchase


See the official website for specific procedures.

  • Before using the card, you need to activate it once on the web.
  • After obtaining the card information, there is no need to keep the card.
  • After using the card, you can view your usage history by entering your authentication information again.

Using up the balance

It seems that you can combine individual V-Preca Gift balances as long as the account is created with SMS verification. However, if that is the case, just use a normal V-Preca from the beginning.

The good way might be using the fractional balance to reload Amazon Gift balance. Incidentally, in case of purchasing products on Amazon from the beginning, better to purchase directly products or Amazon Gift , which does not require a markup of V-Preca Gift.

Alternatively, since V-Preca is the same as a regular Visa, it does not have to be Amazon, as long as the service you use has a charging mechanism.


  • FAQ:
  • Foreign transaction fee: 4.0% of the amount paid.
  • Since it is treated the same as a credit card, you probably cannot sell or buy it at a cash voucher shop.