Ransomware by the name of Facebook

I have a part of me that Facebook is ransomware. The other day, I typed in the legit credentials and 2FA on Facebook sign-in page in vain. Facebook didn’t let me log in. The page said, as far as I remember, that I tried to log in from the different device than usual. To top this all off, they asked me to turn on my identification, even though I surmised that they would have no way to prove it to be my ID. In the course of this story, they suggested that I log in from other devices which had been used before to log in, or that I get an authentication from my friends on Facebook, both of which were not in my case.

These days, personal data functions as a second currency, even more so to the company whose staple is the targeting advertisement. Unlike money, we can’t never get our data back and they are allowed to copy and spread that data legitimately.

They said to me, “We locked your account full of your personal data, now you have no access to it. If you won’t give us money(another personal data), we won’t let you log in. This is just like ransomware.

They don’t set up contact point, so I created another account to inform them that I’v been locked up and give me some advice. The account I created was suspended. Maybe they applied some rules like, the account should be authentic identity and the number of account should not be more than one. They are the types of ransomware who don’t acccept negotiations.

Farewell Facebook.